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207 Marseille Bài hát & amp; Football Chants

Droit au but, the slogan that is also stated on OM’s emblem comes actually from rugby. It was only in 1902 that football began to be played by Olympique Marseille, while today OM is known to have one of the best stadium athmospheres in Europe.

103 Didier Drogba La La La For our legend Didier Drogba Danh sách bài hát
244 Brilliant Amazing fanchant by Marseille to distract the opposite Danh sách bài hát
938 Mar-seille! A chant sung by the Ultras of Marseille Danh sách bài hát
1634 Up Yours, Evra Well Evra is from Paris you see... Danh sách bài hát
2330 Never Give Up NEW The OM fans never give up Danh sách bài hát
3566 To the Weapons Can you hear Marseilles supporters sing? Danh sách bài hát
4999 Hoist Up the Flags L'OM: Hissez haut Danh sách bài hát
5088 Together We Have to Sing Top fanchant of l'OM! Danh sách bài hát
5784 Those Who Don't Jump Aren't from Marseille Get up all you Marseille supporters! Danh sách bài hát
6481 Lucho Marseille ultras adore Lucho! Danh sách bài hát
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7434 The Song of Marseillais Song for motivate the team of OM Danh sách bài hát
7874 Raise the Flag Son in chorus by the supporters of the OM Danh sách bài hát
8569 Oh Come on l'OM Come On NEW The loudest support in France Danh sách bài hát
9265 Mar-seill-ais! That's where we are from.. Danh sách bài hát
11706 Jean-Marc Donnet Marseille Central Defender Danh sách bài hát
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